SNOWHITE huge screen to build the wedding holographic corridor

A petal walkway consisting of light and shadow extends from the doorway to the end of the wall.
Accompanied by a beautiful wedding march, a new couple walked in arm in arm…
Flowers on side of the carpet are blooming with the footsteps of the new couple.
The holographic wedding took place at a hotel in northwest China's Guyuan hotel.
The feast of light and shadow is a wedding corridor that build up from SNOWHITE.

In the project of guyuan hotel, it is required to create a holographic banquet hall with projection in a room of 40*20 meters.
SNOWHITE frame projection screen has many time to complete a project of this size, but this time our company eventually give a challenging choose to use 24 meters electric volume screen, due to the hotel's consideration of its versatility and appreciation.
As we know, production and installation the electric screen of length reaches 24 meters, These are difficult questions to take, the motor match power, the internal structure, the high power motor running the production of the noise, the screen surface, ets.
A series of technical problems such as smoothness, smoothness of the discharge process, safety of transportation and hoisting.

With 16 years of technical experience and continuous improvement, the Snowhite has installed a 24-meter large volume electric screen on both sides of the room, in the same time ensured the use of the wireless remote control. In order to achieve the best viewing effect, SNOWHITE is equipped with six 6,500 lumen projectors for each huge screen.

In order to realize the whole room's light and shadow interaction, SNOWHITE has designed a 12-meter electric screen in front of the stage, equipped with two 10,000 lumen projectors as a 2-channel fusion. So that the whole banquet hall reaches a complete projection screen.
In a word, SNOWHITE snow company will comply with the market demand and provide the screen solutions for customers with its own expertise and technology.

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