Snowhite sincerely invite you to attend 2018 ISE Exhibition in Netherlands

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     ISE is the most successful audio-visual and systems integration exhibition in Europe so far.In fact, ISE is a global audience in The most professional audio-visual exhibition.The exhibition is jointly held  by  America International Information communication association and The Custom Electronic Design & InstallationAssociation.
    It represents the highest authority of audio-visual technology in the commercial field, and it is also the most influential industry organization in the industry.The exhibition brings together used in education and training, transportation, security, Medical, entertainment, building, enterprises and government departments and so on. These areas such as audio-visual technology, solutions, wide coverage of exhibits, is a entertainment technology, display and screen, digital sign systems in areas such as the international high-end display of the latest technology and trends.

On February 6/2018 to 9 /2018 , the European professional audio-visual integrated equipment exhibition (ISE 2018) will be held in RAI center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.As a projection display technology company, Snowhite  will roll out the most popular "Ultra short-Throw Ambient light rejection projection screen
" at ISE exhibition.

ALR fabric screen adopts special optical sawtooth structure, sawtooth structure of black above the light blocking layer suction light, below for special coating structure, can let a real feedback projection image, obtains the high contrast image.Such a fabric 
 has the advantage of resisting ambient light and increasing the contrast.The anti-light screen is different according to the anti-light principle, and the anti-light effect can be achieved by using the physical structure, and the anti-light can be achieved by using the optical coating.
The essence is that the light from different directions is reflected in the viewer's eyes.White wall is a diffuse reflection effect, which is after the light to the white wall, light is  shooting  around, so the picture will reduce brightness, resistance to light fabric  is specially designed for the light to the viewer's focus projection direction, so the higher 
the brightness of the picture.

Snowhite abroad sales manager is introducing the Screen.

Our beatiful girl meet the hansome foreigner friend,giving the introduction to him.

Manager Ben is talking about the features of ALR screen to the couple from Netherlands.

The passerby is drawn attention by the wonderful screen and stop his steps.

Snowhite and customers are taking picture together.



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