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Product Features

Ball screen theater has large field of view and stereo scenes, shows fashionable and shocked image by the high technology; projecting brightli color and clear pictures. With a strong sense of space and visual impact.

Product Overview

° star projection system can project complete consecutive scenes. The quaquaversal dip of ball screen will contains horizontal view and vertical view of the viewer in scenes; It projects images with high resolution and wide visual angle to providing the fantastic visual effect for the viewer, and brings a strong visual impact and immersive experience, especially suitable for showing magnificent scene like the cosmos, earth, ocean and so on.

System Fuction

Process and output multiple image signals, to form a seamless, continuous, uniform brightness, color consistency of the perfect big picture.
With DVI-I port, compatible with VGA and DVI-D signals, support for a variety of graphics workstations and projectors.
Geometric correction accuracy of 0.1 pixels, to maintain the projection screen does not distort distortion.

Can be fast and convenient channel projection screen brightness color correction, uniform brightness, color uniform.
On multi channel images edge fusion processing, support flat screen, annular screen, ball screen and quadratic curved curtain all curved screen adge fusion, supports XGA 1024*768, SXGA 1280*800 1400*1050 image resolution.
Multi screen graphics control technology, multi-channel video images, the computer display screen, the network remote desktop can press any size, the location of the window display on the big screen, can be arbitrarily cross screen mobile, overlay.
Can quickly switch multiple sets of image window display program, with a single screen, multi screen, full screen, cross screen, and other ways to control the display of multi-channel image signal.

Snow Globe Theater

In the multi channel adge fusion seamless display system, the screen to the audience with the most intuitive visual perception, so the choice of the appropriate screen can significantly improve the quality of the imaging screen, and can display the high resolution, high contrast degree of the image in different light conditions.

Applications to multi channel projection seamless display system in the screen must take into account the perspective, gain, contrast, uniformity, anti environmental light characteristics, such as a number of indicatoes, must have the following characteristics:

Screen seamless: the first ti eliminate the physical gap screen, whether the choice of hard or soft screen, only to ensure that the entire screen seamless, in order to achieve a truly seamless display.
Wide viewing angle: multi channel edge fusion system must ensure that the screen has a wide viewing angle, otherwise, it is difficult to deal with the optical image.
Gain: in a multi channel edge fusion system, screen gain suggested by 1.2 or smaller gain, fusion area of effect will be very good, does not recommend the use of more high gain screen. Otherwise, viewing angle is very limited, the fusion zone will become apparent.
Uniformity: the screen uniformity must be better, otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the brightness of the whole picture.
Flatness: as the multi channel edge fusion system, the screen is the basis of the consistency of the screen, must ensure the the screen itself has a good flatness. And the screen is not only related to the quality of the screen itself, but also with the screen of the fixed way, it is recommended to choose a high quality screen frame.
Contrast: it is recommended that the screen has a goos contrast, but the contrast is not too high, if the contrast is too high, the coincidence part of the image will be difficult to debug.


Large field of view and stereo scenes, 360
° space image.
Shows fashionable and shocked image by the high technology.
Projecting brightly color and clear pictures.
With a strong sense of space and visual impact.

Field of Application

Huge ball screen theater, Digital planetarium, Science and technology museum, Planetarium.


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