Interactive Rear Spherical System


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Website: search by Snowhite Projection Screen
Website: search by Snowhite Projection Screen

•      Product Feature

•      Novel and unique: 360 ° display, different from normal flat.
•      Brilliant color: Inside projection from high lumen projector, plump picture quality.
•      Rich content: Words, pictures, videos are available, changeable with all format.
•      Multiple installation: Floor type, Ceiled type, Wall mounted type.
•      Easy operation: User-friendly interface, only short time training needed.
•      Simple maintenance: Water resistant and mildew resistant. 24*7 working time.
•      Customized Service: Different sized and configuration available according to clients' demand.
•      Appearance:
20-  30mm thickness, Surface smoothness 2 degree = Ra 50 mu, micro light extinction. No light spot from any angle. Milky white and light grey color. No seam and uneven surface.
•      Mechanical behavior:
A.    Impact resistance: 0.9 J/cm2;
B.    Shearing strength: 16.8 MPA;
C.    Working temperature: -40°C-- 1430°C
D.    Flame retardancy: Oxygen Index> 30.
Rear optical performance:
 Luminance factor :≥ 1.0
Effective scattering angle : ≥ 80 °
 Resolving power : 70 Line pairs/mm
 Color difference: ≦ 200k


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